Generator Ninja is a free web-based tool where you can generate password, names, numbers and more. Our generators are simple and has different option to allow customization. You do not need to download or install any plugins or softwares these tools because it it based on HTML5. All you need is a modern browser (e.g Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) to run these tools.

Password Generator

Generates random password that you can use for email or other online or offline accounts.

Name Generator

Generates random name, with middle and last name options.

Number Generator

Generates random numbers with customizable options.

SHA-1 Hash Generator

Generates SHA-1 from a string.

MD5 Hash Generator

Generates MD5 hash from a string.

Credit Card Generator

Generates random credit card that you can use for testing purposes.

QR Code Generator

Generates QR Code for text, email, URL or SMSL.

Color Palette Generator

Generates web safe color palettes with various scheme options.

Signature Generator

Generates email, handwritten and font signature.

Word Search Maker

Generates word search puzzle. No software download and plugins necessary.