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QR Code Generator is a quick and easy way to generate QR codes of any text or website URL that you can use to label anything or advertise consumer products or services. It generates QR codes as image in PNG format that you can download by right clicking on the image and clicking "Save As...".

What is QR Code

QR Code is short for Quick Response Code. It is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode. Invented in Japan in 1994 by Denso Wave, it was designed originally for industrial uses, particularly the automotive industry, in that country. Today, QR Codes has now become popular that you will see it almost anywhere. It is used in consumer advertising, product/loyalty marketing, commercial tracking, entertainment, transport ticketing, product labeling and many more.

Why Use QR Codes

The fact the QR codes are easy to generate and can store any textual information makes it a viable tool in marketing and advertising product and services. For instance, if you own a website or online portfolio, you can encode the URL and potential visitor can just scan the code to visit the site.

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